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billings, montana; plus a talk with the head of the cleveland clinic, as we launch a conversation series about the health care reform debate; and an update on the situation in myanmar as nobel peace laureate ahng san soo chee goes back under house arrest; and a chat with david wessell of the "wall street journal" about his new book on the federal reserve. major funding for the newshour with jim lehrer is provided by: >> tiny little thing, it's just... not big. ah... okay, i found it. ( cheers and applause ) okay. >> we are intel, sponsors of tomorrow. ♪ >> what the world needs now is energy. the energy to get the economy humming again. the energy to tackle challenges like climate change. what is that energy came from an energy company? everyday, chevron invests $62 million in people, in ideas-- seeking, teaching, building. fueling growth around the world to move us all ahead. this is the power of human energy. chevron. and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contribution
specter again, montana, and nebraska, also hagerstown, maryland, and that's where senator ben cardin hosts a meeting this hour. we're keeping a close eye on this one. cardin actually got booed and jeered monday at his town hall in towson. and in new jersey, congressman steve rosman hosting that one. and there's a bunch of town halls in iowa. >>> republican senator chuck grassley is hosting four of them today. the second one is wrapping up this hour. the president praised grassley yesterday as a republican that is honestly coming up with a health care reform both parties can live with. he's one of the group of six senators from both parties heavily involved in the negotiations. this event earlier in winterset was pretty civil, but the crowd of 3000-plus wasn't giving the senators any softballs either, take a listen. >> like i said, i'm a dumb, southern iowa red neck, and i see nowhere in the constitution where health care is a right. >> we would have a bill through the united states senate. probably not one i would have voted for, but -- so if anybody is criticizing me for negotiating, you'
in montana. brian. >> savannah guthrie at the white house to start us off tonight. thanks. >>> a lot of the emotion we are seeing at the townhalls concerns what the administration has been calling the public option. opponents like to call it a government takeover of health care. the basic question remains -- what does the obama administration really mean by this term "public option." tonight we launch an effort aimed at making sense of it all. our report from nbc's kelly o'donnell. >> this is not health reform -- >> reporter: in the health care debate, two words evoke a strong reaction. public option. >> why will be forced into the public option -- >> reporter: heard again today at a townhall meeting in maryland. >> i would like you to address how the public option -- decreases or increases our choices in health care. t. nothing has been decided to democrats want the federal government to create a new public health insurance program to compete with private companies. >> private insurance could be here today and gone tomorrow. a public insurance option is a guaranteed program you kno
to montana, idaho. >> we're not just making states. >> oh. >> potatoes. >> if have you a question, we'll explain it to her. if you have a question -- if you have a question you want answered, go to myfoxdc.com and click on the weather tab. >> okay. >> we're traying to get free stuff. >> okay. all right. take it away. i am missing something here. i just wanted to go to montana or idaho. that is all i was talking about. >> i'm thinking jamaica being baby. >> yeah! >> you know, in sesame street where they say which one of these is not like the other. that would be me. >> you're it. >> i'm it. >> lanes are open along 66. you can see the accident activity here once i move out of your way. it is off the road to the shoulder here. the district attorney lays are stacking up out of manassas leaving business 24 trying to work your way past the scene. the lane are open. flashing lights are causing a bit of a rubbernecking delay. if you are traveling eastbound 66 before the beltway, we've got a stalled car tying up the right side of the roadway. now, southbound 2 at sterling boulevard, that is w
and the other in montana. tickets have been will be available to the general public so the president may see angry outbursts in the crowd he faces. who's likely to come out on top once the shouting is over. with me is erin billings. this is usually a boring time for us covering the hill but this has been anything but. >> these town halls are typically snoozers, people go home, few people show up and it is civil and now hundreds of people, you saw claire mccast kill. there is people coming from owl sides. i think both sides are appropriating the fomenting thage station. so this isn't necessarily just cropping up. having said that people are passionate about this and clearly members are hearing it. >> you saw arlen specter and you were saying what we didn't see is he's called in capitol police for reinforcements. >> he did. and the capitol police last week the sergeant at arms said be wary, mindful, diligent and vigilant when you go home because there were already protests starting up and arlen specter of pennsylvania as you saw the footage, he asked the capitol police to sent officers. they s
this week. he's holding another town hall meeting in bozeman, montana on friday and another in colorado on saturday. harry? >> kimberly dozier at the white house this morning, thank you. >>> senator arlen specter joins us now for an interview from state college, pennsylvania. senator, good morning. >> guaranteood morning, harry. >> you've had several encounters with people very angry about certain proposals being talked about and being proposed to change health care in the united states. as you've had a chance to reflect on them, what do you think? >> well, it's more than health care, harry. i think there is a mood in america of anger. with so many people unemployed and so much bickering in washington, people are disgusted with the partisanship and with the fear of losing their health care, it all boils over. but i think one thing that has to be borne in mind, and you've got the commotion in the background, is that these people have a right to be organized. i'm not going to complain about the fact that they are organized. they have a right to do that and they have a right to speak. but
. the president plans to hold more in montana and new hampshire. the white house has a website to counter critics. >>> during the town hall, president obama says we have the aarp on board. the aarp which has 45 million members over 50 says not so fast here. the ceo says they have not endorsed any of the health care reform bill. aarp is launching a multi-million dollar advertising and organizing this to debunk myths pushed by health care reform critics. >>> fbi investigating this graffiti outside dave scott. the democratic lawmaker found a swastika spray painted on a sign outside his office yesterday. the congressman was recently involved in a heated debate over health care. he believes the two are connected here. the congressman says he's received hate mail, death threats and offensive faxes since the debate on health care began. >> there is bubbling up under this debate, unfortunately the overtones this presents of hate, racism, all these things, but we must have the resolve, hate, racism, this swastika cannot be the arbiter of this debate. >>> congressman scott is hosting a town hall meeting sa
hall meeting. maybe they'll get it in montana, maybe they'll get it in colorado, but i do think they're trying to see if they can just put a period on this whole town hall mess that's going on with members of congress. >> chuck, as we move forward, i want to bring in angela bert-murray who has a question for, my guest co-host. >> town halls have been the president's strength and go to place when ents to get his message out to the people directly but what we're seeing is a lot of debate. how ready is the administration as he heads to montana? how ready is he to face people that aren't his typical fans? people that really are going to disrupt the process? can they handle that? >> well, i think two weeks ago, i would have said no. i think they were caught flat-footed, that the fight over health care had become, to borrow a phrase, i think chris matthews said it first, part of the culture wars. when something gets into the culture war aspect, i'm talking about god, gays and abortion those inflaming passions in the '90s and maybe in the early part of the 21st century, i think that isn't w
hall meetings of his own this week in colorado and montana. the tickets will be available to the general public. so the president may see some angry outbursts in the crowd himself. if you want to sound off about the health care reform plans being debated right now go to wusa9.com and tell us what you think. >>> have you heard about the 8- year-old miami girl who got the white house ticked off? she is on a poster that appears at metro station and on that poster jasmine says president obama's daughters get healthy school lunches, why don't i? now, these posters are the work of a nonprofit p groucalled committee for responsible med. the white house wants the posters taken down. they say they do not want the president's daughters used that way. the group says for now the posters will stay. >>> the american dream turned into a nightmare for dozens of illegal immigrants, some of them as young as 17. authorities say they were forced to work as prostitutes at three long island bars and some were actually sex slaves. most of the women came from central america lured to new york. on
. obama meantime has two town halls set for friday in montana and colorado. >> one of the arguments for reform is to control costs. here is an example of just how high those costs are, and why. it is the case of a techniques tec woman named debbie frazier. spending two days in the hospital recently to have a battery replaced in her defibrillator. the bill is $196,000. now that can be broken down to four parts. the cost of the care itself. overhead costs. and operating margin, that helps pay for new equipment. and subsidy costs. where the patients that have health insurance help to pay for those that don't. >> it is a significant part of the bill. you will never see it written in the bill. but it is sure there. it is a hidden surcharge. >> well, the american hospital association said the money is also used to train doctors. >> well, if you want to contact your lawmakers about health care reform, we are making it easy for you. their phone numbers and e-mail addresses are right on our website. go to foxbaltimore.com/ your voice. of course, stay with fox 45 news for the latest on the he
another town hall meeting in montana on friday. >> and later this morning president obama and the first lady will host a supreme reception foral associate justice sotomayor will make her way to the white house for the first time since her swearing in. and a little later the president will award 16 americans the medal of freedom the highest civilian honor. among the recipients, hashry milk, the late y rights activist and sandra day o'connor. >> 6:08, 74 degrees. >> when good morning, washington returns, bernie madoff's right-hand man is getting ready to come clean. we'll see what it means for the massive fraud investigation. >> at bailey's crossroads and notice we have gray skies to start our day. that will keep our temperatures down. >> hi, there, and mymy name is jud fox reminding you go in feet first on your first title good morning, washington. >> hey, good morning on this wednesday, it's 6:11 a.m. meteorologist adam caskey at bailey's crossroads. mainly gray and cloudy conditions as we have an upper-level disturbance drifting our way. some action on the radar screen. not locally. yo
insurance proposal in montana. >>> people in our area got to voice their opinions today at a health care town hall in hagerstown, maryland. keith garvin joins us live from hagerstown with more on their part of the story. keith? >> reporter: the line in hagerstown community college began to form more than four hours before the start. residents mainly from western maryland eager to share their opinions on health care reform proposals. this was not a -- >> no sign to be apathetic anymore. people are waking up and seeing a lot of spending. their wallets are hurt. >> even though this is not a perfect bill, we know that this is not the bill that is ultimately going to be voted on. there is a civilized way of getting the truth as it is understood now. >> reporter: seems like these have become more familiar across the country in the past few week town hall meetings held by congressmen where emotions have come to the surface. in some cases crowds moving close to violence. today's host, ben cardin, faced a tough audience in towson on monday and was hope for civility. >> we hope those in attendance
stranded overnight in a cramped regional jet. just yards from an airline terminal in montana, minnesota. the six-hour ordeal is now under investigation with you the u.s. transportation department. secretary ray lahood is demanding an explanation from continental airlines andts regional partner, express jet. continental called the incident, quote, completely unacceptable. passengers of flight 2816, using language a bit stronger. >> it was a horrible ride. >> when i went into the restroom it did not flush. >> reporter: this weekend's incident is renewing calls for passenger's bill of rights. the airlines have already promised to try to term it it to three hours. the advocates want an actual law. >> tre people like humans and not like cattle. that's really all the passenger rights is seeking. >> reporter: bills are currently making their way through the u.s. house and senate. >> consume verse no rights when they walk on an airplane and the congress has been considering for years passenger rights legislation but the airlines keep striking it down. >> reporter: for now passengers will have t
to colorado and montana. >>> surgery today for connecticut senator chris dodd to remove a cancerous prostrate. a spokesman at the memorial slone kettering cancer center in new york said the surgery was successful and the senator is comfortable tonight. the senator is expected to stay in the hospital for a few days and then return home to connecticut. >>> aspirin appears to fight colon cancer, that according to a new study published in the journal of the american medical association. colon cancer patients reduced their risk of dying from the disease by almost 30% but so far there isn't enough evidence to suggest that aspirin alone can help keep fru getting colon cancer. >>> cash for clunkers turning into a gold mine for dealers ut is the gravy train about to run out? >>> plurks quite a scene at one drive -- plus, quite a scene at one drive-thru where the victim manages to turn the tables. >>> one neighbor trying to make a few bucks by holding a yard sale but there's just one problem. items for sale swiped from a home just down the street.  ♪ ♪ tell me who's watching. (anno♪ i as fee
two manufacture meetings in colorado and montana. tickets will be available to the general public. so the president may see some angry outbursts in the crowd. >>> 6 listen 35. there could be a new king of the highway when it comes to fuel economy. jessica doyle is joining us for the living smart focus. who's this? >> pretty soon car buyers could say move over prius there is something even greener coming on the mark and it is an american automaker. gm says the chevy volt electric car can get 230 miles per gallon in city driving. that's four times more than the best-selling prius but the numbers need cob confirmed by federal regulators. it will cost two times as much as the prius as well with the sticker price of $40,000 when it arrives in show rooms next year. car shopper interest in the cash for clunkers program maybe running out of gas. they report that interest and trading in a clunker has fallen 15% since its peak an the number of people planning to buy cars could fall to me clunker levels by next week. some people are working for their doctors to pay medical bills. they say barter
to be in montana and colorado. is montana today? because i think he is going to get some friction there. i think that he welcomes it. he has got to also worry about his accuracy because, number one, saying that he is going to lean out medicare and cut out waste, that's going to save enough money to pay for the plan is wrong. saying you are not going to tax anyone over $250,000 that's wrong. plans currently constituted in the house and they are not going to be -- they are not going to add up and be deficit neutral. dari: you know, i think one of the other, perhaps even a greater concern for obama is something that he also said yesterday. he almost kind of put his foot in his own mouth because he probably wanted to take it back once it came out of his mouth. he cited the post office as having problems. but u.p.s. and fedex is doing rather well. obviously the post office is government-run. which leads a lot of people to say well, if the post office is suffering, and it's government-run why in the world would we want government to run health care? i'm sure he regretted saying that because he kind of
? >> of course. i like my life. >> in montana and colorado, those states were presidential battlegrounds. now they are the front lines for health care reform. >> thanks so much. we have seep and heard the anger and frustration. we have heard the insults being thrown around. but through all the shouting, is the message getting through? does the president have to explain that he won't pull the plug on grandma? that is what he was saying yesterday. our panel of experts weighs in. >> and a u.s. army private under arrest this morning accused of being a krablgt killer. the 18-year-old soldier is one of three men charged with murdering a cartel member who was also a dea informant. we are live in dallas this morning. what makes this so shocking, ed, is that this fellow was allegedly working for a cartel on the mexican side of the border but the hit was on the american side of the border. >> a chilling example of the power, influence, and reach of the mexican drug cartel. there is a growing concern that the reach might be beginning to corrupt u.s. officials, authorities,or people working along the bor
to have a more open debate, would you consider, for example, in montana, giving the republican congress -- >> i think the president feels very comfortable with the fact these having a representative discussion despite people's disappointment, that he wasn't yelled at. >> i don't doubt that if you look at the protests that we saw outside of the building yesterday, as a continuum from the t.e.a. parties and controversy over the birth certificate and some of the anger over the gates/crowley episode, i wonder -- >> let me just -- i go in the front door. i -- i don't doubt that but i'm saying -- i didn't see a representative sample the science. >> this is a president who campaigned on the notion that we could get beyond the partisan -- the ugly partisan warfare of the last 60 years. there could be, you know, rational discussion that could bring parties together. and i wonder what happened to that, why did the postpartisan presidency not materialize? >> jonathan, again, i -- i don't know if you were outside or inside, but i think there was a rational discussion about issues not based on ideol
, montana, and grand junction, colorado. dan lothian, cnn, the white house. >>> white house press secretary robert gibbs was on the defensive as i said on the issue of whether the president misrepresented the aarp's position on health care. we're going to play for you the entirety of that section of the press briefing from the question onward. let's listen. >> yesterday the president said aarp endorsed the plan. as you're aware, aarp said yesterday it hasn't endorsed the plan. where on the information or disinformation scale would the president's remark fall? >> well, the president said -- aarp said they are certainly supportive and have been for years on comprehensive health reform. i don't think the president meant to imply anything untoward. i think he discussed the notion that aarp is supportive of -- an agreement that would fund filling the doughnut hole for seniors as part of medicare part d as well as additional savings vings for comprehensive health care. >> [ inaudible ] aarp hasn't endorsed the house pending slax. >> which is what i've just said. >> he's aware of that. he wasn't t
to montana on friday to hold another town hall. the president will be greeted by protestors, perhaps as many as 500 people are expected at a rally outside of the airport where the president will be holding his town hall. chuck todd is chief white house correspondent on top of the white house strategy and all this. what is the view of the white house? do they feel like they're somehow being able to get their message out or fear they're being drowned out by all the chaos? >> the answer to both questions is yes. that is why you saw the president yesterday at this town hall spend as much time saying what the plan wasn't going to do and what was not in the plan as he did pushing the plan. so, i think they realized they're on two tracks. the actual debate about health care policy is not taking place at town halls. this debate is taking place still in the gang of six with max baucus, bradley, those guys in the senate with congressional democratic leaders. but that isn't what the public is see. now there's a public debate which has morphed into a part of a cult, a red versus blue culture wars. i fee
in montana and colorado are next on president obama's agenda this week as he defends his proposed health care overhaul. at a gathering in new hampshire tuesday he urged the crowd to ignore critics who he said try to scare and mislead. but he did not face any of the angry outbursts that have disrupted meetings held by other democrats in recent days. >>> u.s. marines launched a major campaign today to uproot the taliban from a key town in southern afghanistan. their push comes one week before 56 began elections, which the taliban has vowed to disrupt. >>> a politician who hosts the popular tv crime show in brazil is accused of having drug dealers murdered so his cameras could be first on the scene. he calls the accusations absurd. >>> a prayer service takes place in new york today for victims of saturday's midair collision between a small plane and a sightseeing helicopter. the last of nine bodies were recovered tuesday from the hudson river along with a large section of the plane. >>> a new study shows aspirin can keep colon cancer from returning, and sharply reduce a patient's risk of dying f
again for this weekend for two town hall meetings, first on friday in bolton, montana, then saturday in grand junction, colorado. wolf? >> he's going to be busy at both those meetings and other stops, as well. thanks very much, dan lothian. jack cafferty has "the cafferty file." jack? >>> there is another view of this, of course. when it comes to town hall meetings, the democrats might want to rethink their strategy. arlen specter and claire mccaskill are the latest to be drowned out by protesters. one woman in missouri told mccaskill, quote, if they don't let us vent our frustrations out, they will have a revolution, unquote. protesters at arlen specter's meeting said they think the obama administration is going too far with health care reform. one woman shouted out, quote, this is about dismantling this country. specter said he thinks the people proetsdsing are, quote, not necessarily representative of america, but he thinks they should be heard. president obama and the democrats seem to face an increasingly uphill battle with selling health care reform to a skeptical public. peopl
against critics of health care reform. he heads west this week for more meetings in colorado and montana. the white house has created a website to counter critics. >>> at the forum hosted by pennsylvania arlen specter was raucous. details from national political correspondent, jessica yellin. >> reporter: anxiety, fear, confusion. add summer heat and you've got a potent combination for a health care town hall. frustration on the sidewalk out front. >> why don't they take the health care being forced down our throat? yeah, why don't you go home! why don't i have freedom? because we elected somebody that wants to take our freedom. where does my opinion count at? >> we're entitled to be here just like you! just like you! >> reporter: and inside the auditorium. >> wait a minute! wait a minute. you want to leave? leave. >> i am going to speak my mind before i leave, because your people told me i could. >> i'm angry. i'm an american citizen. i'm a voter. i'm a taxpayer. i'm sick of the lies. >> reporter: the man at the center of it all? senator arlen specter worked to displmyths about health c
the record? >> i do not specifically -- we have two town halls leader in the week. one in montana and the other in colorado. the president will be back here for a bit to end some downtime with his family. i do not doubt we will take this battle up in some earnestness in september but there are no specific menu announcements. i think the president believes the format of the town hall in the ability to discuss directly with people what their cares and concerns are, he finds it tremendously valuable. >> is there any concern that this misinformation machine continues and the record cannot be corrected as the white house would like to be, that it could potentially make it more difficult to get health care reform across? >> if the debate is dominated by something that is not true, of course. i do not think the president believes that when all is said and done, that most people will make their decisions on something that is false and something that has been said as false. -- is false. i rent on cable little bit as you in your exhaling noted. -- i rant on cable a little bit as you in your
anything else? >> we have two town halls later in the week, one in montana, one in colorado. then the president will be back here for a bit forç some down time with his family. i do not think there are any specific venue announcements. i think the president believes the format of the town hall, in the ability to discuss directly with people their fears and concerns, has always been a tremendously valuable. >> is there a concern that if this misinformation machine continues, and the record cannot be corrected, as it likes, would it be difficult to get health care reform across? >> if the debate is being dominated by something that is not true, of course. but i do not believe the president believes, when all is said and done, that most people will make their decision based on something that is false, and proven false. çtake a couple questions at a town hall meeting. çwe have seen enough video to know that people are concerned about the bill. take one of those concerns and address it factually. >> so much attention now is being focused on debunking the myth, and you belie
that same message to two more town hall meetings this week. he will speak to a crowd in montana friday and saturday, holds a health care forum in grand junction, colorado. >> some other lawmakers haven't had the luxury of other crowds. police had to carry a woman out of senator claire mccaskill. >>> and ties to the michael jackson case, police searched a pharmacy yesterday. a source familiar with the investigation tells cnn, jackson's doctor bought a powerful anesthetic from the pharmacy and says he gave jackson that the day before jackson died. >> if i were an attorney, i'd be holding my breath. i think they're making it very clear they're looking solely to dr. murray with respect to this propofol. and may be looking at others but with respect to the manslaughter investigati investigation, i think he's solely in their sights. >>> we told you about michael jackson's tribute concert in austria. you won't have to get plane tickets. but they're working to get it broadcast world-wide and tickets are supposed to go on sale august 20. >>> and we heard about the plane on the tarmac seven hour
lawmakers. would you consider, for example, in montana giving to the republican caucus? >> i think the president feels very comfortable with the fact that he is having a representative discussion, despite people's disappointment that he was not yell that. -- yelled at. >> fi you look -- if you look at the protests we saw outside the building yesterday, as a continuum from tea parties and become -- the birth certificate issued, and the gates/crowley episode -- >> i did not go in the front door. i'm saying i did not see a representative sample of the size. >> i was just saying this is a president campaigned on the notion that we could get beyond the ugly partisan warfare of the last 16 years, and there could be rational discussion that could bring parties together. i wonder what happened to that. why did the post-partisan presidency not materialize? >> i do not know if you were outside or inside, but i say there was a rational discussion -- i think there was a rational discussion about issues, not based on ideology or party, inside the town hall. it is not for me to -- i cannot tell
legislation that may shape the final deal with public insurance option. montana, wyoming, north dakota, maine, washington, and iowa. these people hold and represent 3%. >> well, it's interesting. there is a lot of focus in the senate on the senate finance committee that is writing one of the two health care bills. there is the committee working on its measure. when if comes to florida they will combine those. right now the attention has been on these six senators. >> they are. we should declare montana, iowa, wyoming, maine, north dakota, and new mexico. >> right. and it's three democrats an three republicans. >> there's a lot of questions about where should these six people -- why are these six in a room deciding what health care is going to look like? their argument is they are trying to come up with a bipartisan measure. even some democrats have concerned about this. they say well i'm on the committee. why shouldn't i be in that room? why are we leaving it down to these six people. i think when they come back that'll be probably the first area people focus on is can these six come up with
for friday, in montana and colorado. >>> some politians say this healthcare decision is one that will impact generations and it affects everyone. that must why everyone seems to have an upon. joel d smith is live. is at fells point where everybody is talking healthcare. >> reporter: good morning, patrice. people are starting to show up here and healthcare is the discussion of the day. you saw that happening with arlin specter. it was the topic of the day and it's starting to hit the papers. it was the topic outside of kratovil's office. that is where people were lined up and they were not happy, even though the congress was not there. no town hall meeting, nothing else, it was just them with their signs and their anger. they asked the drivers to join in as well. the kratovil staff says that the congressman is out of the country and on official business. they say it's their business and they will keep it all there until it's all resolved. >> the federal government cannot handle medicare, they cannot handle social security. what makes them think they can now start handling the healthcare. >>
at some of today's top stories. president obama is planning more town hall meetings in montana and colorado this week following up on his visit to new hampshire on tuesday. he'll likely keep up attacks on what the white house calls wild misrepresentations of his plan to reform the health care system. >>> secretary of state hillary clinton is set to meet with the president of nigeria on the latest leg of her tour through africa. clinton is expected to continue her calls for better efforts to curb widespread corruption. and there are more signs aspirin can help head off potentially deadly conditions. patients who took the drug reduced their risk of death from colon cancer by nearly 30%. >> wow. going back to hillary clinton story, i wonder what bill clinton thinks of hillary being in nigeria today. >> stop it. that's exactly -- andrea? >> andrea, what does bill clinton think of hillary being in nigeria? >> what we later discovered was where was bill clinton on monday night when she was losing it in con congo? las vegas at a birthday party. an early birthday party. >> i'm sure tha
f town hall meetings -- the president will hold one in montana on friday and another in colorado on saturday. it reflects a growing concern within the administration that the most vocal critics of this health-care plans are now dominating the debate. we want to hear from our viewers today on what they think about the tunnel meetings going on across the nation. if you want to call in on the republican line, you can also send us an e-mail or a comment on twitter. following up. "wall street journal" are also discussing the meeting in portsmouth, this reporter writes, the town hall meeting here was the first of three this week as the president tried to regain his footing. it features the largest protest of the obama presidency. mr. obama has acknowledged for weeks that passing a plan to rein in health-care spending, and the other concerns about reform would be difficult. inside of portsmouth high school obama faced a from the crowd, so much so that he sought out of questioners. participants were picked from a lottery. outside the gathering verged on a street brawl. the opposing force
the record? >> we had two of town halls leader in the week, one in montana 81 in colorado. -- and one in colorado. the president will be back here for a bit and have some down time for his family. i don't doubt we will take this battle of in some earnestness in september, but i don't think there are any specific venue announcements. the president believes the format of the town hall and the ability to discuss directly with people what their concerns are, he finds to be tremendously valuable. >> is he concerned this misinformation machine continues and the record cannot be corrected, that it could make it more difficult to get health care reform? >> if the debate is dominated by something that is not true, of course. i don't think the president believes that when all is said and done that most people will make their decisions on something that is false and that has been said as false. i rant on cable a little bit in answering another question. take a couple questions at a town hall meeting. you guys have shown enough video of people with people withthe bill. take one of those concerns
for health care reform with two more town hall meetings this week in montana and colorado. at a relatively calm town hall meeting in new hampshire yesterday, the president began calling his initiative by a new name. he's calling it insurance reform. he said that those with private insurance will be able to keep it with more protections if they get sick. those without insurance will be able to choose from a number of plans, one of which would be government-run. mr. obama also shot down rumors that his plan calls for the forced euthanasia of seniors. >> where we do disagree, let's disagree over things that are real, not these wild misrepresentations that bear no reselance to anything that's actually been proposed. >> about 200 demonstrators showed up outside the meeting. one man came with an unconcealed gun, which is legal in new hampshire. he said he wanted to make a political statement that if you don't exercise your rights, you lose them. >>> a close call for an injured hiker. his dramatic rescue was caught on tape. the 34-year-old broke his ankle while hiking along the shenandoah nationa
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